Have you met me yet??? My name is Nicole and I started a small business selling human hair in 2018. I randomly started the business at my Wells Fargo job on the clock with my friend Leia bouncing business names off her and we both agreed upon the name Tresses. It’s a play off my legal first name. I started just selling bundles on a preorder method. When someone orders hair I order from the money I received and ship it to them. I was too scared to make wigs and only had confidence in selling bundled hair as my craft was not perfected yet. I received my first order from my coworker and my second from my cousin Shavon! Reinvested that money and 2 yrs after spending countless hours taking courses on wig making, branding, marketing I have moved the business to not only selling bundles but wigs, custom wigs, ready to ship wigs, wig accessories, extension storages bags, lashes, hair on hand fully stock at times and our famous top selling item the drawstring ponytail. I have also added restoration services for human hair wigs that does not limit to just our wigs I made. I accept all wigs for restoration.

I started small and I am still growing with the help of all my clients through referrals and I appreciate you.

Thank you for your business













The most luxurious affordable hair you will ever encounter.    These luxury extensions are easy to install,  minimal shedding and easy to color.  Tresses extensions are built for salon styling and DIY styling,  very versatile.  Did I mention they will last???  Tresses will last multiple installs.  Closures and frontals available in each texture. Click shop to get started.    

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