Copy and paste YouTube link to see how easy it is to install., quick on the go hairstyle using kinky curly hair from our collection.  Full ponytails you can wash and reuse.  This allows your hair to rest from all the wigs and bundles from sewins you bought from us.  Ponytails come in 4' lengths 12",18” and 24".  Made  on a sewing machine with love for durability and multipurpose. Two Sewed in clips for security.   All ponytails come with one bundle of hair as shown in all pictures above.  For a fuller ponytail add two pony’s to your cart and leave a note on your order stating you only want one pony with two bundles!!!   Ready to ship flag on picture above means item is in stock and will ship same day.  If flag does not appear please allow 3-5 business for ponytails to be made.  Standard shipping timeframes apply. Check out our WIG/EXTENSION STORAGE BAGS to store them in while you are not using.  Maintenance:  We do advise to condition in a moisturizing shampoo and detangle while wet and air dry.  Styling:  For full ponytail you can brush while wet with a tangle free paddle brush and go.  For a more tamed look spray with water and apply mousse and go!!  **All sales are final**



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